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This exam combines the elements of the Treadmill and Echocardiogram to show heart function and how the heart reacts to the stress of exercise. Images of the heart are taken before and after walking on the treadmill. The exam will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Stress Echocardiogram

Prep Instructions     

  •  DO NOT EAT 4 HOURS PRIOR to the test.  You may have water or juice.
  •  ABSOLUTELY NO CAFFEINE 12 HOURS BEFORE THE TEST.   This includes coffee, tea, sodas, decaf drinks and chocolate.    You may have water, milk or juice. 
  •  Wear loose, comfortable clothing and rubber-soled walking shoes. 
  •  Beta Blockers should be held for 24 hours for EXERCISE stress testing, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.  If you hold medications, bring with you to testing.   All other medications can be taken. 

             Beta Blockers include (brand/generic):        Atenolol/ Tenormin             Metoprolol/ Lopressor/ Toprol          Coreg/ Carvedilol

                                                                                          Betapace/ Sotalol                 Bystolic/ Nebivolol                               Zebeta/ Bisoprolol 

                                                                                          Inderal/ Propranolol            Corgard/ Nadolol                                 Trandate/ Labetalol

                                                                                          Blocadren/ Timolol

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